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    I’ve been telling people for years to avoid boiling stock and they look at me like I’m a pregnant alien-human hybrid lifeform. It’s too bad so many ovens have unreliable temp in the low range. Do you have a solution to that problem, Michael?

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    oi Olivia- ai estes caixotes – são uma perdição mesmo- aqui tá dificil já de achara estas mravilhas – mas que nem diz a pepa a tua casa parece uma loja – encanada – só com coisas fofas – me encantei com os gatinhs, aqea ovelha – nossa tu é uma artista de mão cheia parabensbjlu

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    I love Sublime Stitching! The Sublime Stitching book is fantastic for both experienced embroidery folks and beginners. Love these color packs too and at $6, that's a steal. It's going on my wishlist for sure.

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    I really enjoyed this post. Its a valid point of wonder for sure. I think of hell as a state of mind more than a place. To get to the other side and to have regrets in varying degrees, etc., I suppose everyone will have their own degree of hell just as everyone shall have their own degree of heaven. A good post and something to think about. Good jorb, Brother Blairseph.

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    Paul,Based on what your wrote, I recommend that you ask for a conference and try for a plea bargain. You likely will be offered a 0-point ticket which won’t hurt your license or insurance. Good luck.Matt

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