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Chiara Grispo – Come On

Il concorso de “Il vostro inedito preferito di Amici di Maria De Filippi 2015/2016″ è stato vinto da Chiara Grispo! Avete votato in tantissimi! Come promesso, ecco la condivisione del fantastico video ufficiale di “Come on”, pubblicato il 13 Maggio 2016.

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  • Posted 25 Aprile 2017 6:58 AM 0Likes

    Devyn,I agree that there is a bit of frustration that God doesn’t intervene more often. I think a lot of it may have to do with how much faith we have in him, and how much our world is more or less fixated on other idols. I think that when we turn all our attention to God, as we sh2uod&#8l12;but not as we are actually doing—we may find that he will be more in our lives than we currently see him.

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